Tuesday, 15 April 2014

An Away-Day in Evesham, Worcestershire

Sue and I visited Evesham and I took this miss-mash of images. My main reason for taking them, was to record different timber-framed buildings, but as you can see the 'brief' got a little bit blurred.

Image One is of the beautiful Bell Tower that overlooks the riverside park.

The second image shows some detailing of the timber framing as well as the stonework.

Image three is obviously a reproduction, but a very fine one and worth recording for the attention to period detail.

I'm sure this is called The Round House! And below are some detail shots.

The next eight images were taken in the Bell Tower Park. Where after a picnic on the grass, I went looking for different types of stonework to add to my reference material.

Another Timber Framed building.

And finally, a very intricate door hinge.

I hope you enjoy them.



Joao Sousa said...

Fabulous post, Tony! Lots of ideas and detail in there to cross-reference when planning and making terrain.

Thanks a lot for the share!


Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Hi Tony,

these are lovely pictures. I hope you enjoyed your day out. The weather seems like that...


Bedford said...

Lovely report.

I love Evesham and have spent many a happy hour wandering around in and around the Gripping Beast, Cold Steel, Hot Lead and Havok! events that used to be organised by Martin Gibbins.

Great days and lovely to see some pics that brought back some memories.


Ramirez Noname said...

Those are a great selection of building photos. I have worked around the Abbey Precinct over the years, including at St Lawrence's and All Saints. A glorious sunny day always helps.