Monday, 28 April 2014

Ludwig Von Barkhoven - finished

Ludwig is now finished, fully painted, varnished and based. I have enjoyed the On-Line Build, this characterful miniature almost painted himself.

Photo Two - The gold buttons have been painted and washed, the groundwork painted and drybrushed and the base flocked.

Photo Three - In this image you can see the added buttons, two to the back of the frock coat and one each to the large coat cuffs.

Photo Four - another image from a different angle.

Ludwig Von Barkhoven is available from Alternative Armies for full details go to this link.



Francis Lee said...

He's quite excellent Tony.

Dave said...

Nice work Tony. I've just got mine so I'm deciding on how I want to paint him and if I'll do any small additions before I start.

Monty said...

Well done, Toby.
Really a nice one!