Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ludwig Von Barkhoven - part two

I decided that Ludwig would be a hound dog and painted him with a Brown and White sectioned face. The Brown was basecoated Charred Brown from Vallejo and highlighted up to 100% Snakebite Leather.

The White started as Stonewall Grey and was highlighted up to pure Skull White.

Prior to starting the painting, I added a couple of large buttons to his sleeves and a couple to the back of his coat.

Barkhoven's coat was always going to be Red/Brown and I mixed up some Charred Brown and Blood Red as a base. Highlighting to pure Blood Red on the jacket collar and shoulders.

This Special Edition miniature from Alternative Armies is just full of character and a real joy to paint.



Joao Sousa said...

Lovely model, lots of character and good choice of colours!
Is he a one-off, or does he belong to a wider range of minis?


Tony said...

Hi Joao,

Hi is a limited edition mini from the Flintloque range from Alternative Armies.




Joao Sousa said...

Thanks Tony! Some very quirky models in there. Should be fun to paint and even to game with!


Dave said...


Given me some thoughts on how I might paint mine when he arrives.