Wednesday 23 April 2014

Ludwig Von Barkhoven - part three

The painting has progressed with Barkhoven's cuffs, shirt and breaches painted. The manuscript was painted in a light cream with white highlights.

Photo Two - The neckerchief has been painted blue (to add some more colour to the model) and I have highlighted his hair with charcoal.

I have painted the base in my usual Snakebite Leather from GW.

Photos Three and Four - the model at the same stage of painting, but from different angles.

As I have said in the earlier posts, this is a fun miniature to paint, full of character and a joy to work on.


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Christian said...

A great job, Tony! It's really exciting to him pop up in people's collections. I'm glad you like him. After all, it was your blog that got me into Flintloque in the first place :)