Saturday 25 October 2014

Abaddon On-Line Build - part five

In an attempt to finish some long-term projects, I have finally finished painting Abaddon the Despoiler a Chaos Space marine from Games Workshop that has been patiently sitting on my too-do shelf for over four years!

To read earlier posts, you will have to trawl back through the Blog to August 2010 or click on this link.

I've not spent a great deal of time on this model - as I wanted to see it finished quickly. I'm sure it will never win any award, but at least it is now painted, varnished and based.

Like all my Games Workshop display pieces I have mounted the miniature onto a Pog plastic slammer disc (remember that game?) The groundwork includes some resin castings as well as sieved stones. This Pog is then mounted onto a wooden display plinth that at one time held a little resin owl.

I have kept most of the figure Gloss Varnished as I felt this was more in keeping with this particular model.

I am seriously thinking of painting up another GW Space Marine/Terminator so 'watch this space' for details.

The GW models were originally based and painted as desk ornaments for my son to display on his works desk. But are now locked away in a glass fronted display cabinet in my hallway.


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The Angry Lurker said...

Nice work on the Despoiler.