Monday 13 October 2014

Kronan Stone Man for Flash Gordon

Here is the latest addition to my 40mm Flash Gordon miniatures collection - a Kronan Stone Man from the Marvel Plastic Collection. The model stands a whopping 60mm tall and dwarves my 40mm Graven Images Flash Gordon/Cliffhanger figures.

Photo Three - Shows the basic miniature, still on it's original Clix base.

And here you can see the gaming card/stats. The model was bought from e-bay for less than £4.00.

Photo Four - I cut the figure from the original base and mounted him on to a 50mm round, plastic base with the groundwork built up from broken cork and Milliput Fine White. I sprinkled some sand and sieved stones over uPVA glue to add texture to the base.

Photos Five, Six and Seven - Show the finished model. Most of the painting was done with washes, however I did have fun painting the glowing eyes. This is a real brute of a figure and given the lack of any futuristic weaponry, could be used in a number of settings/genres.

I hope you enjoy reading about this latest FG figure that featured in the recent Blast-Tastic display (see earlier posts).


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SITZKRIEG! said...

Thanks for the spotlight on this fig. I just discovered it and this blog with a subsequent image search and appreciate the height/scale mention. Heroclix is a great source for scifi and fantasy minis but the scale is all over the place. I recently bought a minotaur figure and was expecting it to be 40-45mm but it came in at over 70mm surprisingly making it too big for most of my purposes.