Wednesday 22 October 2014

Orctober Fest - The Flintloque Orcs - part four

Once again the painting has progressed quickly, I find that by challenging myself to paint a small group of figures each month (The Pledge) that the build or builds move along apace.

As you can see I have painted all of the detailing and it is only a matter of painting the groundwork and varnishing before the minis will be finished.

I have purposely painted this group in a miss-match of colours and uniforms to make best use of the available miniatures and show that the gun was undermanned.

Throughout this build I have noticed that my eyesight is not what it used to be and although I regularly wear spectacles - I do not wear them when painting minis (or for that matter reading). I'm sure this situation will change and because of this I am less happy with the painting of these figures than usual. In addition I feel the blue is a little too dark and the yellow a little too weak; a problem more to do with the available paints and using a black undercoat to paint over than anything else.

My view may change once the bases are finished.

However the Orctober Fest theme has prompted me into painting up another group, a group that would have otherwise remained in my 'too-do' box.


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