Saturday 11 October 2014

Orctober Fest - The Flintloque Orcs - part two

This image shows the first real colours added to this group of 5 Flintloque miniatures. I wanted a miss-match of uniform colours to show just how run-down this particular batch of Albion Orc Artillery are and have used different Blues for the main batch and Red for one of the soldiers who has obviously been brought in to supplement the crew. The final figure is working in shirt-sleeves.

I have painted the trousers in various Greys and Grey/Blues.

My usual painting style is to layer the colours from dark to light, for example the figure in shirt-sleeves has his shirt painted in a Snakebite Leather and Skull White colour, which is then highlighted with more Skull White and then pure Skull White on the highest sculpted detail.

At this stage of painting there is little to see, but the image does show the technique that I use to paint my miniatures. It should also be noted that I tend to exaggerate both the colours and highlighting on my Flintloque figures. I feel that this works well with the 'cartoony' sculpting style of these models.

If you have any questions, please post them here and I will try to answer them.


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