Tuesday 24 March 2015

Away-Day Glastonbury

Last year Sue and I decided that we would make up a 'bucket list' of places in the UK that we wanted to visit. Due to circumstances completely out of our control this did not happen, but in 2015 we are trying to tick off as many as we can.

Glastonbury and in particular the Tor is a place that I have wanted to visit for some considerable time, ever since watching a TV documentary. Earlier today I achieved that goal.

For anyone not familiar with this impressive sight I suggest a quick look at Trip Advisor - See this link. I also advise you to take warm clothing!

The views are quite spectacular. We even experienced a New Age Service (to the right of the tower).

We had a quick walk around the Abbey and Abbey book store where I came across a great looking book called Swords by Ben Boos. I think I might have to search this book out on E-bay.

And the Town centre.

I would say that Glastonbury Town centre is a 'strange' place to visit, full of ageing hippies and stores that sell anything spiritualistic or new age. We saw Skulls, Wands, Herbs and Spices, Crystals, Woad, and book stores full (and I do mean full) of books on spells, witchcraft and alternative lifestyles. All very interesting. If you are planning a visit - remember to wear PURPLE. Sue and I felt a little out of place.

There you have it - another great Away Day.



legatus hedlius said...

Some great photos here.

I've been there once and also found the crystal hippy shops a bit strange but such is the resonance of the ley lines I suppose!

Christopher said...

I do love your away day reports.