Thursday 12 March 2015

Free modelling material for scratch-builders

I have frequently written about the use of 'scrap wood' when building wargame terrain. I know that many (including myself) use Balsawood, but there is a huge un-tapped source; Scrap wood or wooden packaging. For example;

Image One - Shows a simple wooden vegetable crate that I picked up for free when walking in an out-door market. The stall holder was only too happy to see this go to a good home. 

Try to pick up the solid wood crates rather than the plywood crates.

Image Two - This time a box that held satsumas, bought from Marks & Spencer's. The thin veneers of wood are perfect for wooden roof tiles - just remember to texture them with coarse sandpaper before cutting them out.

Image Three - This time a MDF box, again for holding citrus fruit. Perfect for cutting up your own bases and again free-of-charge.

Look out for FREE or scrap wood, particularly thin section wood, the perfect material for scratch-building.

Happy Hunting.



Pablo El Marques said...

Most of my terrain bases are from strawberry boxes ;-)

Portadores de la plaga

Graham said...

Hi Tony, just to let you know that this morning I went over to John Burns in Stechford, and came home with some goodies to play around with. Thanks for the point in that direction. I'm also not sure if my last comment was posted, so please excuse me repeating if it had. All the best, Graham

Lasgunpacker said...

Interesting. In the US, all of the examples you posted would be common corrugated cardboard.

Yet another way in which the UK is more suited for wargamers. ;)