Friday 13 March 2015

Terry Pratchett

The passing of Sir Terry Pratchett has been extensively reported over the last couple of days, but I wanted to add my own comments as Terry through his Discworld books has been a large part of my reading life.

Like many, I first became aware of his zany writing style with The Colour Of Magic, where we were introduced to the colourful characters and humorous stories. I have now read every one of the Discworld books and feel a real sense of sadness that the series writer has passed away. I think my favourite series was the Witches and Sam Vines series.

I read this on another site;

"I feel I should be writing this in capital, knowing that he has passed, but also believing that he is now sitting down to a cup of tea and playing chess with DEATH, I'm sure he will also have a cube of sugar for Binky!"

Much later my Son started to buy talking tapes and discs of the stories and I was once again able to enjoy the whole series while driving or working in the shed.

Be safe Sir Terry and thank you for all those 'laugh out loud' moments that you have given me. You will be greatly missed.


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