Monday 23 March 2015

Away-Day Monmouth

Sue and I have just returned from out Away-Day in Monmouth. This is an unusual day out for us as we normally drive past rather than too Monmouth. In fact I think this is the first time for about four years that we have visited this historical market town.

We started the walk with the famous Monmouth Bridge - one of the last remaining Towered Bridges in the world. The bridge is now closed to traffic (about time) and operates as a footbridge only.

These illustrated tiles were part of a Tourist Information display to the West of the Bridge. They were very well made.

And here you can see some beautiful stonework over the entrance and to the side of the local pub.

At the other end of the town we visited the Nelson Museum and took photos of these impressive models. The first is made from individual stones.

There are also exhibits to Rolls of Rolls-Royce fame.

Before returning to the car (with a pack of fresh Monmouth Faggots and some piping hot fresh bread) we stopped at the Monmouth Regimental Museum and I took photos of these three outdoor exhibits. Unfortunately, the Museum does not open until April.

Driving back we took advantage of our National Trust membership and stopped off to see this huge stone Tithe Barn. The Ashleworth Tithe Barn takes some finding, being down a narrow farm track, but was well worth the trip as you are able to walk inside the Barn and see some extraordinary stonework and timber frames.

For full details go to this link.

This was our first Away-Day of 2015 and we both enjoyed the day out.



Anonymous said...

Great photos; thanks for posting.


marinergrim said...

I visited Monmouth a few years ago and found it a great day out too. One of those "forgotten" towns that deserve a bit more tourist attention.