Sunday 17 May 2015

Joseph Lock

Yesterday Sue and I had to clear out the attic as we were experiencing an overflow issue from the main cold water tank. While moving boxes from one side of the loft to the other I came across this 'scratch-built' model of a narrow gauge locomotive.

Joseph Lock is built to the scale of 7mm to the foot (O Gauge) and runs on PECO 16.5mm (HO/OO) 'Crazy Track', The engine is based on the Festiniog engine - Prince and uses a Hornby Smokey Joe 0-4-0 mechanism.

The model was built over fifteen years ago and has featured in Narrow Lines, the newsletter of the 7mm Narrow Gauge Association.

Construction is plastic card and plastic rod with most items being scratch-built, for example the smokebox is a series of metal washed wrapped in plastic card, the chimney is a rawplug and the sandboxes are sections of propelling pencil barrels.

Painting was built up over a 'rattle can' satin Black with the Dark Green from Tamiya and the lining from a standard gauge railway set.

The nameplate is constructed from Letraset rub-down black lettering over white plastic card to replicate the enamel nameplates that were used on these engines in the early days of the Festiniog Railway.

The little engine is named after my late Father-in-Law Joseph Lock.

Now I just need to securely pack it in a new cardboard box and place it back in the attic.



BigLee said...

Cool...seems a pity to relegate it to the loft though.

John Lambshead said...

Letraset set rub down takes me back a bit. We used to prepare figures for publication that way.

Heisler said...

Sweet Tony! Now if you can find an On30 2-8-0 mechanism so I can work on the one I need.