Thursday 21 May 2015

Pax Bochemannica Re-Launch!

Image taken from the Maveryc Facebook page to illustrate this post

I am greatly looking forward to the planned re-launch of S.P.Q.Orc - Pax Bochemannica, a game that sees huge Orc Nomans pitting their superior strength and equipment against tribes of under equipped and height disadvantaged Boche Halflings. For full details go to this Facebook page (and - yes you can access it even if you are not one of the many millions of facebook-ers, like wot I am).

I have already committed to a Pax Bochemannica themed Blogging month starting on the 1st of June and hopefully running throughout the whole month. Stay tuned for some much anticipated goodies.

For those new to this pseudo Fantasy-Historical game details can be found here. More details can be found on this Blog by 'clicking' on the Pax Bochemannica label on the right or here.


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