Thursday 14 May 2015

The Gnome Bakery for Panzerfauste

Earlier this year I was commissioned to sculpt a couple of themed buildings/terrain pieces for a game called Panzerfause, Actually Panzerfauste Reborn a project which is being led by Steve Blease (the original writer) and Rob Alderman (A close friend and key personality in the world of Alternative Fantasy). I immediately agreed and sculpted a Gnome House and this Gnome Bakery. What you see here is one of the very first test castings painted by Steve Blease.

I am very envious as I am also looking forward to painting up one of these resin models and the earlier Gnome House. Maybe I'll get a casting the next time I meet up with Rob?

Steve sent me these images earlier this week and after getting permission from Steve and Rob, I have uploaded the images to my Blog.

The Gnome Bakery is Building 2 of an initial range of just two models, but after Rob and Steve saw the masters, I was quickly commissioned to build another and then another. Details of which will have to wait for now.

I promise that I will post details once I have the all clear.

Steve has done a great job of painting this little model and I once again thank him (and Rob) for allowing me to post these images.

Full details of Panzerfauste Reborn can be found here. There is even a Facebook Page!

The next image shows the model during construction - the Bakery is still awaiting the tiled roof and groundwork to be completed, but the Flintloque Orc gives some idea of the size of this model.

Finally, the nearly finished master, just before I delivered it to Rob Alderman.

This model and the earlier Gnome House was sculpted following discussions with Rob about how he saw the game developing. It is fair to say that I have had a great deal of autonomy in the style and 'feel' of these pieces. Looking back, I think they are very much inspired by the SnapDragon range of resin buildings.

I hope that you like them.

Although designed and sculpted to accompany the New Panzerfauste game, I am confident that this and the others in the range will be of use to many gamers.

Thank you Rob. I have greatly enjoyed this project and look forward to more.



Rob Alderman said...

Absolutely gorgeous work as ever. I am hugely impressed with all the work done so far and you will be getting castings next time I see you! :)

I cannot wait to see what you do with them.

Kind regards,

Pablo El Marques said...

Sure: Steve has done a good job of painting
It is easier... because Tony has done a wonderful job of sculpting... as usual ;-)

BigLee said...

Have to agree, a great little building with plenty of character. Nice one!

M. C. Monkey-Dew said...


That is lovely. You are a master at the craft!


Tony said...

I have just taken delivery on my very own Panzerfaust Bakery model. Rob has done a tremendous job of turning my master into resin and I can't wait to paint it up - expect updates soon.