Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bromyard and Linton Light Railway

Last week Sue and I had a great day out in Hereford. On the way back to Droitwich I detoured via Bromyard and took these images of the Bromyard and Linton Light Railway.

For more information see this link.

The first three images show a Ministry of Defence 2' 6" gauge Powder Van. Re-gauged to 2 foot.

There were quite a few 2' 'Hudson' skips in a variety of condition. I don't think that being stored out-of-doors and in the open is helping preserve them.

This wagon looks like another Ministry of Defence 2' 6" gauge wagon with end posts. Note, the upside-down repair.

This larger wagon is a standard gauge enclosed wagon supported on four 2 foot gauge skip chassis's!

the final image was taken from across the road from the museum and shows just some of the rusting skips behind the metal fence.



Heisler said...

That's an awesome place. I was hoping to hit the Colorado Railroad Museum after our trip to ride the Loop, but it didn't work out. They are working very hard there to really preserve the old narrow gauge equipment and get old locomotives into running order.

Anonymous said...

Its a shame nothing has been done on the site. As far as I am aware its all just rotting/rusting away. I need to find the owner and restore some of it back into use at the Bala Lake Railway where many can enjoy it in its glory.