Monday, 3 September 2018

Warhammer Conquest - the Hachette Partworks

I would imagine that it would be very difficult for anyone in the UK to ignore the TV advertising for Games Workshops new partwork - Conquest as it has been a little over-the-top. I decided as soon as I saw the first advert that I would pick up issue 01.

At just £1.99 it is a 'no-brainer' as the brush alone would cost more than that if bought from a GW store. In fact I picked up three! The card backed magazine published in partnership with Hachette is available from WH Smiths.

Warhammer Conquest issue 01 contains; three of the new and much larger than I remember Intercessers, three pots of paint and a starter paintbrush, plus loads, and in this case I do mean loads of leaflets and brochures inciting you to subscribe and buy all 80 issues at £7.99 (that's over £620.00) For full details of the contents, I would suggest you visit this you tube review.

Issue 02 is available soon and for £4.99 you get three Plague Marines, one pot of paint and a set of 6 dice. I might pick up one.

At just £1.99 I would suggest that you get to WH Smiths as soon as possible as I don't think issue 01 will be around for long. I will leave you to decide if it is worth subscribing, although all of the extras might make you change our mind.



Lasgunpacker said...

A pity these are not available outside of the UK, because some of the forthcoming issues will be similarly good deals (e.g. a marine Intercessor LT for less than 1/3 of RRP)

How they handle the terrain and vehicles should be interesting to see as well, as many of the kits break down into useful bits that might be worth investigation as well.

Unknown said...

I followed your recommendation and purchased the last two copies in my local W H Smiths. I'm not a fan of GW but the paints alone made this a worthwhile purchase. If you then assume that the booklet, paint brush, three plastic figures and bases are free it makes it unmissable.
Not sure if the children that this is aimed at will be ver happy at my purchase!