Monday, 10 September 2018

War Hedgehog for Pax Bochemannica

The War Hedgehog miniature was picked up some time ago and has patiently sat on the ever expanding 'to-do' shelf waiting for me to get around to painting him. I believe that the miniature was originally sold as part of the Standard Games Dragonroar skirmish game. I have painted my example to accompany my Pax Bochemannica Boche Halflings and have used the same slightly darker palette that I used to paint them.

He is mounted onto a 2p coin with the groundwork modelled from Milliput Green-Grey epoxy. I used a mixture of acrylic paints over a black/dark brown basecoat to paint the miniature, then washed the figure with a dark wash before varnishing with Galleria Matt Varnish. I then added a couple of static grass grass tufts to the base as decoration.

The metal War Hedgehog stands 35mm tall (from head to foot) and is quite a weighty miniature.

The final image shows the War Hedgehog alongside a pair of Pax Bochemannica Boche which were mounted onto 1p coin and painted some time ago. Details of my Pax Boche collection of figures and terrain can be found by following the Pax Bochemannica link to the right.

The miniature is available from Magister Militum.


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