Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Noman Auxiliary Ogre for Pax Bochemannica

This resin miniature is available from Hysterical Games as part of the Pax Bochemannica game. I'm not sure if he is a Limited Edition or a Special Edition figure as I picked him up direct from Rob Alderman of Hysterical Games at one of the shows. I can confirm that he is a brute, easily towering above the 40mm Noman Legionaries.

The model was mounted onto an old fashioned pre-decimalisation 1d coin with the base built up from Milliput two part epoxy. (He as too big for a 2p coin).

Then brush painted black/dark brown as an undercoat or basecoat.

The metallic areas were painted first. Mainly drybrushing with some old Citadel or Games Workshop paints. I was trying for an old and weathered look.

The flesh areas were painted in my usual colour mix - Snakebite Leather with lighter highlights, but this time I added a little yellow to the mix before washing the area with blue-topped Citadel Flesh wash.

Detailed painting followed a couple of images found on the Web - I searched out historical Roman Auxiliaries for inspiration then followed the colour scheme.

Once varnished - Matt and some gloss, I added static grass and static grass tufts to the base. Below you can see the detail on the reverse of the figure.

The figure was great fun (and quick) to paint and I'm sure I can find a use for him in my Pax Boche skirmish games.


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