Thursday 7 May 2020

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy - issue 108

The latest issue of Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy (issue 108 May/June 2020) features another article written by me.

Dandied up Dark Ages

Back in 2019, I was visiting a local carboot sale (remember those?) and came across a guy selling a whole host of Games Workshop, Lord of the Rings figures. Also on the table were a couple of resin buildings and I picked up both for just £5.00 (that's right £2.50 each) - at those prices I thought they were well worth taking a punt.....

Both buildings were either damaged or heavily modified with doors and some features either cut off or broken. I cleaned up the castings and mounted them onto plastic card bases before painting and decorating the bases.

I had originally written the articles/tutorials as two separate pieces but Guy (the editor W, S & S) has published them as one. The first, the Roundhouse is a 15mm casting by Hovels (modified to 28mm scale with new doors), while the second is a 28mm Longhouse from Gripping Beast.

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Browsing my virtual W H Smiths store I currently have three magazine articles in three different magazines on display. The W, S & S issue 108, Narrow Gauge World 147 and Miniature Wargames issue 445. Although I have in the past had two magazine articles displayed at the same time - this is the first time I have had three!

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Codsticker said...

Congratulations! What article do you have in the Miniature Wargames magazine?

Tony said...

"What article do you have in the Miniature Wargames magazine?"

Issue 445 May 2020

The how-to article/tutorial The Thatched Cottage is mine.

See this link;