Wednesday 8 July 2020

One Mini at a Time - part seven

The third figure is an Almorque Character from the Alternative Armies Frontear Range of metal miniatures (7101). After mounting the figure onto a 2p coin (I could have used a 1p but thought it would have looked a little too small), I built up the groundwork with Milliput epoxy putty.

I then primed the mini with Tamiya spray paint primer (grey) and used Vallejo Putty applied with an old paint brush to refine some of the detail. I find that mixing the putty with PVA glue and applying it is thin layers (it can take more than one layer to hide poor seams) works best.

The mini was undercoated in a dark brown colour and 'washed' with a sepia wash to highlight the miniature ready for painting.

As you can see, my usual basing and miniature prep work has many steps before I start painting. I wonder if anyone else does the same. Basing after painting - just doesn't work for me.

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