Saturday 11 July 2020

One Mini at a Time - part ten

The next Alternative Armies Flintloque miniature to be painted up is this Albion artillery officer. In this first image you can see the Milliput modifications and groundwork.

However there was also quite a bit of subtle mods this time done with Vallejo Putty mixed with a touch of PVA glue (the white areas on this grey undercoated miniature see image below).

Then before painting, proper, I undercoated the whole mini with a dark brown/black basecoat which was later 'washed' with a sepia wash. As I have noted in earlier posts, I prefer to base my miniatures before painting. I find it easier.

You should also be able to see my favourite miniature holder, a large cork stopper with Bluetac - three small pieces of Bluetac in a triangular shape rather than just one large blob. I find that the three smaller blabs hold the miniature better. I'll give more details of my modified cork mini holders in a later Blog post.

The next post should include details of how this metal figure was painted bt for now, stay safe and

Keep Calm and Carry On Modelling


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