Wednesday 1 July 2020

July - One Mini at a Time

My plan for this month is to search through my lead mountain and paint up some of the miniatures I already have. To start, I've chosen this Flintloque Ogre - Jurgen Kngsmann LE016 which I've had for some time. In fact the miniature was bought two or three years ago and has been soaking in a bath of Dettol (to remove the paint) all that time.

The Dettol removed about 95% of the poor paint job and a used toothbrush took care of the rest. The model was first mounted on to a 2p coin and the groundwork built up with Milliput. It was then primed with Tamiya primer (a spray can primer) before I took this photo.

I undercoated the large miniature with a black/brown undercoat (as seen below).

The first bit of painting proper were the flesh areas, which were built up over a Snakebite Leather colour and highlighted with white added to the Snakebite. Prior to taking this image, I 'washed' the flesh with the old GW Flesh Wash (blue topped) and tidied up the black/brown areas.

I chose a light blue colour scheme with deep red detailing.

I've had this miniature (actually it's quite big) for some time and don't think I spent that much on purchasing it (maybe a couple of pounds), I was therefore surprised to see just how much it sells for on the AA site - £10.00, so I had a bargain and it was this fact that pushed me to paint it up.

Expect more images soon and I've already started on mini two and mini three (all Flintloque minis, so  maybe I should have called the month Flintlogue One Mini at a Time?)

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