Thursday, 1 October 2020

Army Painter Mega Paint Set - an unsolicited gift

I had planned on a completely different post for the first post of October, but instead I'll tell you what happened yesterday afternoon.....

Holly came around visiting and although she is still socially distancing, we do see her on a regular basis. During her most recent visit, she brought me a carrier bag and asked if I would like some modelling paints that her boyfriend Mal, had found when sorting out his house. Obviously I said yes (I mean obviously I said YES) and she dropped the bag into the garage with orders that it should be quarantined before I could use them.

Once she had gone, I checked the bag and was amazed to find an opened box of Army Painted Mega Paint Set. When I removed the lid (I couldn't wait 72 hours) I found that Mal had donated over 50 bottles of paint and washes. Thank you. 

I wiped both the box and the bottles with antiseptic wipes and here are the results.

I have often written in this Blog, that I receive the odd gift of modelling materials, wood or clutter from friends and family members, but this goes beyond anything I have been given in the past, once again thank you - they will be used.



mattblackgod said...

Great gift. I have a set and they are nice paints to use. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

A lovely gift!

Lasgunpacker said...

Wow! Is he also a hobby sort, or did he get it as a gift?

Tony said...

"Wow! Is he also a hobby sort, or did he get it as a gift?"

He's very much a hobby guy with lots of different craft interests, but for now painting model soldiers is not one of them. So I got lucky - very lucky.


Tea in Thailand said...

Glad they'll be used! Xxxx