Sunday, 17 October 2021

More Trees - part five

Today's post details how I modified these shop bought Silver Birch models to make this stand of three trees.

Like the earlier tree projects these trees had been sitting in my shed unloved and ignored for ages. I seem to recall buying them in a charity shop in Shrewsbury, but can't be positive as it was many years ago.

The trunks have been lengthened and then beefed-up with masking tape and thread before they were glued in place on an off cut of 6mm thick MDF. I added some metal miniature bases to the MDF base as well as two small stones picked up from the garden before building up the groundwork with DAS modelling clay.

The three trees had extra foliage added by cutting up the remaining two trees and gluing bits in place with superglue. I wanted the three trees to be both taller than the originals and to have some variety in height.

The smallest tree has an unmodified trunk, while the other two have lengthened trunks. At this moment they are unpainted DAS, but you can see how I have sculpted roots to the bases.

More to follow and soon.


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Bluewillow said...

liking those, I do like silver birch