Monday 6 December 2021

Christmas 2021 Project - part two

Stage 2 - Woodwork

The image above shows the raw material; a piece of 9mm thick MDF Laminate and some scrap strip wood. the MDF has already been cut to 32 inches x 32 inches.

The 22mm thick strip wood was first cut then glued and screwed in place. I used a tenon saw and a square to ensure a tight fit and plenty of woodwork glue/PVA. The screws were countersunk from below and spaced every 4 inches to make sure that I countered the warping, with oval nails being used to secure the ends.

Most of the time was spent ensuring square cuts, so measure twice and cut (slowly) once. You can see the strip wood off-cuts on the floor below my workbench.



Lasgunpacker said...

Looking great so far! The MDF base seems like it will be thick enough to give the whole thing some weight and stability.

Tony said...

You're right it is very stable without being to weighty, plus it was free! Which is the real benefit.