Sunday 26 December 2021

Christmas 2021

Another Christmas under lockdown which has meant a low key Christmas day with just my daughter and her boyfriend attending the festive lunch. Hopefully things will get better soon.

Presents were also low key with a haul of model making linked gifts restricted to the above presents. Two packs of DAS (what would a Christmas in the Harwood's household be without at least one pack of DAS), although you might notice that as well as the usual DAS White, I have a pack of DAS Stone which I look forward to testing.

The Fantasy Figures magazine was from Sue who also bought me the Fluid Art Watercolour set. I couldn't resist testing out the vibrant inks and proceeded to wash some Demon skin with the two red inks - I think they look fantastic and I look forward to seeing how the other colours work.

The DAS White and the drawing pens were from Holly as she knows 'you can never have too many drawing pens!'

The main present was the box set of Golden Acrylic Paints - a paint that I have wanted to test for some time. The set was a joint pressie from Holly, Mal, Gary, Beckie and of course the two grandsons, so obviously my favourite present this year was the Golden paints - thank you everyone for the presents and great day.

Finally - The Port?

This year I opened a bottle of Porto Quevedo Colheita 2000 but was disappointed with the wine, thinking it a little watery and lacking in body. So I opened a second bottle - Graham's Late Bottled Vintage 2011 and this was fantastic a real treat over the Christmas period.

Stay safe.



Codsticker said...

Some really useful giftsthere. I am interested in the DAS stone (how is it different for regular DAS?) and the Golden acrylics; I have some of Golden's High Flow acrylics that I enjoy using when painting terrain.

Tony said...

I don't know much about the new DAS Stone, but will report back when I use it. But don't expect a fast response - I have a reasonably new pack of DAS White on my workbench at the moment and won't be opening another pack for some time.

A similar response with the Golden acrylic paints. I have heard very good reports about this paint (it is very expensive) and look forward to testing it out.