Friday, 7 January 2022

Markers for my Flintloque/Silver Bayonet cross over

Regular readers and followers will know that the new game from Osprey Games - The Silver Bayonet has meant that most of my modelling time over the Christmas and New Year period has been either building a Silver Bayonet themed gaming board or painting miniatures for the game. In addition, I have been working on a number of gaming or objective markers and here are the results so far. A group of three wound markers made from wooden counters, DAS modelling clay and some skull castings that I had picked up many years ago.

The wooden counters are from this Bottle Top Challenge game and are 35mm diameter and 4mm thick.

The final two images show the modelled and then the painted markers varnished and decorated with static grass and tufts.

I have already modelled a dozen or so markers and will include details over the next couple of weeks. They have been great fun to build and have meant that I have had to be inventive with various bits and pieces from my 'spares box'.


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