Sunday, 30 January 2022

Flintloque/Silver Bayonet cross over - part twenty seven

There have been a number of posts on different Silver Bayonet themed sites asking "what do you use for Goblins?" I've used these old Games Workshop Snottlings mounted on 1p coins and painted as either traditional Green Goblins, Red Goblins or Redcaps.

The images below show the work-in-progress. To give the miniatures some height and in most cases extra weight, I have mounted the minis on to sections of metal walls from Alternative Armies, resin terrain or small sections of stones (from the garden).

The bases were further textured with sieved stones and sand applied over PVA glue before being undercoated with a grey spray can.

The final image shows the four Goblins and a hooded Demon alongside a Flintloque RifleOrc. A traditional Snottling stands just 14mm tall (head to toe).

I have some additional Snottling Goblins somewhere in my painted collection and will try to photograph them alongside these figures as soon as I can get in to the attic and search for them.


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