Saturday, 26 April 2008

Current Projects - March 26th

  • This week I have continued with my two entries to the Yours in White Wine Sauce Blog Competition - the German steam tanks & steam walker and the Fenian Airship Toucan. Modelling is finished and they have all been undercoated.
  • I am still trying to make room in the attic - my son returns from University this summer and I know I will have to either sell (e-bay) or donate loads of books and magazines! If anyone is enterested, my e-bay store is
  • I have just finished a fourth Hawkman figure and I plan on up-loading pictures very soon. In addition a Lizardman/Lizard Monster has also been modelled, painted and based.
  • I am also trying to sort out my pictures/photos on the home computer - the amount of files is making it very difficult to find any particular photo.


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