Saturday, 19 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Mothman

In my search for suitable 40mm donor miniatures to increase my Graven Images Flash Gordon collection, I am always on the look out for figures I can convert. Mothman was such a project.

The miniature is a Super Hero figure and stands just over 50mm tall. The photo below shows the original miniatures based on a 40mm round base and the additional sculpting just begining.

Graven Images figures have a style of of their own and as I convert or modify other suppliers miniatures I find that I have to 'bulk up' the sculpts to match-in. I believe that the photos show how I go about this better than words.

This photo shows the modifications complete. I used 'green stuff' and the sculpting was done with a couple of dental tools and a cocktail stick. I decided to add a decorative plume to the helmet as I had just finished modifying a group of Flintloque Napoleonic figures and had seen the Austrian style plume in one of the books I was using.

The last two photos show the finished miniature, painted, varnished and based. The simple grey colour scheme was not planned but developed as the sculpt progressed.

I like the finished sculp and feel that I had been successful in capturing a particular look, the miniature is not based on any character or Flash Gordon figure, but has instead evolved.


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The Raging Gaijin said...

Is there anything you can't do? The conversion work to ensure it fits with the standard you already have is amazing. And your ability to kit-bash and scratch build still has me in awe! Then, to add icing on the cake, you can paint a miniature to professional quality! I salute you! Please keep displaying your works. I've placed a link on my blog because this site is quality!