Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Rocketship Mongo

No, this is not a scratchbuilt model, but a digital image produced by Kurokuma and available for sale at; http://www.daz3d.com/i.x/shop/itemdetails/-/?item=2196&cat=27&_m=d

I've included it on my Blog because I think its just fantastic and sums up my view as to what a Flash Gordon Rocketship should look like. Well done. I would hope that one day I can reproduce it as a model.

The image above is the Rocketship from Star Trek Voyager, the rocket that Captain Proton uses in one of the holodeck adventures.

(Please note I accept that I do not have the copyright to either of these images and should there be an issue I will remove them immediately. The images are included as inspiration for future modelling projects only.)

'Traditional' Flash Gordon and Ming Rocketships (as seen in the black & white serials) can be found at; http://www.retro1-2-3.com/store/prodinfo.asp?number=112003275&variation=&aitem=6&mitem=10

The colour of Flash Gordon Rocketships is something that can cause some debate, my own view is that they should be silver. If not silver then they should be red and yellow!



Tim Mayer said...

Fascinating. Would love to see a complete diagram on how it was accomplished.

The Raging Gaijin said...

Would you ever make a ship that is to scale with your figures; kind of along the lines of the cut-out Firefly spaceship "Serenity"? The size is huge, but I don't know if anything can be opened up to play in. (Like the old Millenium Falcon toy.) But it'd be neat to have RPGs and tabletop adventures with that as a centerpiece.
Looking forward to seeing what you create when your Muse gets you inspired!

Tony said...

I've built a rocketship to 40mm scale, you can see it at;


The intention was to have a crashed rocketship on a 2foot x 2foot terrain board. These latest rocketships are more inspiration for future projects, however I had not planned to have one that opens in play - too difficult!