Sunday, 6 April 2008

Flash Gordon - Terrain Board part two

Thes photos show the next steps, with the board being either painted plus first highlight as well as the rough ground being coated in sand and small stones.

Here we see even more highlighting, mainly drybrushed but also some airbrushing. I have tried to keep the pale grey concrete building as light as possible.

As above. The airbrushing has worked very well.

As above. The wallpaper, once painted looks great.

The grass area is died sawdust. I had thought about grass matting, but went with died sawdust as I had some to hand. Prior to the sawdust being glued down I painted the whole grass area dark brown. The brown still shows through in some small sections.

The trees are Christmas decorations bought in a UK charity store with an additional resin tree stump, the area under the trees is coloured brown and orange with additional died sawdust.

This photo shows the alternative communicated tower which is 'scratch built' from bits and pieces. It also shows the board finished with added texture and contrast from ground foam.

This final picture shows the detail of the vault and stairs. The two bronze 'Saturn' decoration pieces were added very late and are 'scratch built' from plastic balls and plastic card discs. The grass or weed areas on the steps is added for artistic license and colour.


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