Wednesday, 2 April 2008

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German steam powered land-ironclad squad – Chapter Four
Construction has progressed well since the last update. The armoured compartments have been built and await roofs, which will be added once the guns have been tested and installed. The Holt inspired caterpillar mechanisms are already installed, but await final testing and the management and engineers are happy that they will remain within the planned 80 days deadline.

Naval engineers and specialists from the new Luft force have helped in weight reduction and new ideas.

The only negative is the balancing giros on the armoured walker, as expected this new technology is causing some concern, scale models of the walker mechanism and giros have already been tested, however the greater mass and weight of the actual battle walker has raised additional problems and experts are being recruited to help sort out this issue before it starts to hold up production. One train of thought is to increase the power available in the additional boiler and steam engine being built in the walker body as well as the original one in the fighting compartment, thereby increasing the overall steam power. We await more details.

It is expected that two specialist operators plus reserves will be needed to synchronise the mechanics of walking. The ‘in house’ joke – loosely translated is that these specialists are not allowed to drink any strong alcohol for fear that they will cause the new walker to stumble and fall!

The Fenian Airship (Toucan) – Chapter Four
Additional gas bags have been added to the main envelope, which now gives the impression of a ‘fleshy fish wife in young maiden’s clothes’. It is sincerely hoped that the new pride of the Fenian Aeronef Force (or FAFers) handles better than it looks. The envelope has had to be strengthened as a precaution against tearing and the gondola yet again lightened!

The Shillelagh stick bombs have proven successful and are now being refined to aid stability when dropped. One point of humour is the fact that one of the biggest arguments has been about the colour the bombs should be painted, the test bombs were initially made from compressed card and paper (to keep the weight as low as possible). The next batch were painted green, however there has been talk in the production factory that they should be black with a white or cream head! Senior managers have tried to remain out of this petty argument, however, as the project moves forward this subject looks like it could prove a sticking point.

Another test inflation and tethered flight of the newly increased envelope has been booked for later this week, weather permitting.

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