Sunday, 30 March 2008

Flash Gordon - Rocketship

Here you see my scratch built model of a Flash Gordon Rocketship with Flash, a 40mm Graven Images miniature shown for scale.

Photo 2 shows the Rocketship before painting. The nose is a plastic wine glass, the main body a thermos flask and the tail section a plastic Barbie cup. The fins are from plastic cards and the panel sections are sticky-back-plastic with sliced plastic rod rivets.

Photos three and four are the completed Rocketship taken against a black background.

The painted Rocketship shows signs of damage and wear as it has always been my intention to model the Rocketship as crash-landed on a themed terrain boards.

The model is 300mm long, 190mm wide and 130mm tall and was painted using acrylic paints, the red was airbrushed.



Daniel Townsend said...

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Anonymous said...

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