Monday, 10 March 2008

The Airships of Luther Arkwright part one

Some time ago I produced these Aeronefs built and painted to represent the airships of Luther Arkwright, see;

The first is the Royalist AirShip (RAS) AR101, the largest of the Royalist fleet.

Secondly we have RAS Albert - the fleet flagship.

Then RAS Victoria - the sister ship to Albert.

RAS James - the fastest ship in the fleet.

RAS Mary - the oldest ship in the entire army.

And RAS Scimitar, Sword and Sabre - attack craft. The models are built to the nominal scale of 1/600th or 1/700th and are in the main built from plastic pen barrels and thick plastic card with knitting needles for turrets. I will write more on the background later. In part two I will show the Puritanical or 'round head' fleet.


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