Monday, 3 March 2008

Yours in white wine sauce Blog competition

I've entered the 'Around the World in 80 Models' competition launched on the Yours in white wine sauce Blog. see;

I'll try to submit two entries;

A German squad of Land Ironclads, to include a pair of assault tanks, a command tank and an assault walker. I've been thinking about and planning this squad for some time and should have the modelling complete well in time. The issue will be the painting as I am also thinking of experimenting with a 'Flying Circus' colour scheme as seen on WW1 German Jasta aircraft. The scale will be slightly different to my usual 1/300th as I have some 10mm ACW figures I might use.

The second;

A 1/300th scale airship dirigible to support my Irish fleet of 'the Fenian Ram' and 'the Irish Folly' hullcutters. I have successfully modelled the airship Hyperion using the carved foam technique and thought that a second airship painted black and cream with a golden harp motif might have some Irish imagery I could use. If it works, I would think it might be called 'the Toucan'.


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Paul O'G said...

Welcome to the fray Sir!

Yours in a White Wine Sauce,