Sunday, 30 March 2008

The Golden Hind

My modelling interests are wide and varied which I believe comes from my father and grandfather, both of whom made models. This particular scratch built model of the Golden Hind was built with techniques that I saw my father use many years ago when he would make model ships in bottles.

The initial drawings were taken from an enlarged picture from the internet and sketched to scale (the exact details of the size of The Golden Hind are not fully known and the model is a rough estimation of a number of articles and drawings).

The hull is carved from soft wood and clad in card, the masts are either cocktail sticks or bamboo skewers sanded to a taper. The grating on the decks is cross stitch material cut to size, the sails and flags are paper.

The ship is painted following the fantastic illustration by Roy Cross on page 113 of the Airfix book - 'Airfix, celebrating 50 years of the greatest plastic kits in the world' by Arthur Ward.

The base is an MDF base stained and then painted with acrylics before being varnished, the sea texture is acrylic medium.

The model is just over 150mm in length and the rigging is purposely very simple as I had intended using the original for wargaming!


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