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Dwarves in Tanks part seven

Dwarves in Tanks 7

Heavy Steam Tank development for siege warfare. The first 'true tank!'

DampfPanzerWagon VII (Beetle)
The development of the DPW was directly associated with tactical requirements on the battlefield. In particular as the weaponry improved the need for additional protection and cross-country performance. The role of assault or counter-battery was in the main taken up with fixed or heavy artillery (traditional artillery). The ‘Beetle’ was the first attempt by Dwarf engineers to mount a siege gun on a steam carriage, an armoured steam carriage or 'assault tank'.

During the assault on the kennel fortress of Poodlestrasse the need for an armoured assault cannon was identified and satisfied with the latest development in this fast moving area of military technology with the DampfPanzerWagon VII or ‘Beetle’. More than any other DPW so far described, the DPW VII was a true ‘tank’, with equal importance placed on protective armour, firepower and mobility.

Designed around a 12 inch mortar cannon the DPW VII was always going to dominate the battle field. This linked to the revolutionary sloped and curved armour made this a difficult target to damage.

Special Rules
None yet developed.

The whole model was inspired by a spray can top ('CIF' in the UK, - a bathroom cleaner) which was cut in half vertically and the centre section extended with a cardboard ‘bung’ and cardboard supports. The model was then clad in plastic card and the bottom also covered with plastic card.

The turret was a plastic tube (pencil sharpener) and the chimney a pen barrel. Other detailing was from scrap, for example the hatch was a button and the airvent in front of the turret was from the top of a pen.

During construction part of the 'Cif' spray top cracked and rather than abandoning the model - I modelled the damage as a 'field repair' with added strapping and rivets!

The main gun area was also a pen barrel and the armourment around this area was modelled in Milliput, once dry the Milliput was sanded and smoothed before rivet detail was added from sliced plastic rod.

The wheels came from a Wild, Wild, Wild model and were cut to fit below the main body. The model is painted in metallic grey with a ribbon moto painted to the front. The other main colour’s are the red band around the base and the yellow, black chimney, identifying this tank as one of the siege tanks used in the battle of Kartoffen.

I have two more DampfPanzerWagon models constructed, but not yet painted, the first is a large 'steam Punk' style vehicle which is currently undercoated black and awaiting inspiration as to what colour it should be painted. The second is a smaller steam tank inspired by the Games Workshop Empire steam tank for the 'Empires game' and not the 28mm versions. This model is still naked and allthough it has a commander, is not even undercoated. Should this change - additional photos and history will be added.

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