Wednesday, 12 March 2008

WMD 1889

Here are photos taken some time ago of a display piece entitled Weapons of Mass Destruction 1889 or WMD 1889.

The model does use the drill from a Disney Atlantis toy as part of the main weapon but the carraige and other detail is scratch built and was inpired by a Steam Punk illustration. The model is painted with acrylics and the figure is a 40mm model from Graven Images, converted and painted as an artillery officer.

The base is a plain picture frame, with added detail from scrap plastic and my spares box, the terrain is simple filler, grass matting and flock. One point of interest is the chalk board and gunnery range book - well the Babbage computer was still in its infancy!

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Bob Lock said...

And they invaded Iraq for this?


Nice models, Tony.