Thursday, 9 October 2008

HMS Dauntless 1/180th scale

Anyone familiar with this Blog will know of my scratch built 1/300th scale Space 1889/Aeronef models and the 1/600th scale Luther Arkwright Aeronefs. This particular model was an experiment to test a third Aeronef scale - 1/180th or 10mm.

I choose one of my favourite British Airships - HMS Dauntless (not the prettiest - but to me it just sums up the whole VSF Space 1889 ethos) as the first model and built it from plans found on the Internet.

The first photo shows the 'naked' model built from white plastic card, a pen barrel, a cocktail stick and scrap plastic. The second photos shows the completed model alongside the 1/300th scale HMS Dauntless (see the Space 1889/Aeronef section). The third and fourth photos show the completed and painted model (still to have a name plaque added).

There is no doubt that the slightly larger scale allows additional detail and was great fun to build, however the extra work and rather 'flimsy' detail, makes this more of a model than a gaming piece.

The model is 175mm long, 50mm wide and 70mm tall, from the bottom of the compass house to the top of the mast.

I like the finished model and am currently using it as a desk ornament, but I feel much more comfortable with the 1/300th (or 6mm) scale models and I would not envisage building any more. Well maybe just one Martian Hullcutter!


PS. I forgot to add the cotton wool smoke!


Ozvortex said...

Outstanding work!

Bill said...

Very nice. I'm looking at building some in larger scales myself to complement my 25mm VSF plans.