Saturday, 25 October 2008

Lord of the Rings in 36mm scale

These are examples of my 36mm Lord of the Rings miniatures, re-modelled, re-based and re-painted LOTR figures from the Collectible Miniature Game (CMG) manufactured by Sabertooth Games and which use the CombatHex game mechanic.

I have painted them in the GW style and mounted them on 40mm round bases, which have been textured with cork, DAS modelling clay and fine sand. It was my intention to re-paint a couple of forces and wargame with the GW LOTR rules. I might get around to it one day. I find that the slightly larger 36mm figures have so much more impact on the table.



Eli Arndt said...

These look great, though I do like the 25mm figs that GW produced as well. I am curious what you meant by you painted them in the "GW style"? I don't think they look neccesarily GW, just well-painted.


Tony said...

The GW Style - I am well aware that my own painting style is naturally comic-like, for example the Flintloque figures you see on these pages, comic and exagerated, lots of primary colours and 'in-your-face'. I would say that this is my 'natural' painting style.

The Flash Gordon figures are more colourfull and although comic-like are less exagerated, more subtle if you like.

I have also tried the Kevin Dallimore style, but find this to structured for me, and very difficult for me to use!

By GW Style, I mean that the LOTR figures tend to be more earthy, natural and subtle. It is difficult to put into words, it is just a feeling a style difference. In particular the tones are more earth like, there are very little primary clours and most colours are blended rather than straight from the pot.

As I write this it seams a little over-the-top, but I know what I mean and I hope that when you study the three painting styles - Flintloque, Flash Gordon and LOTR you can see the difference.


Eli Arndt said...

Thanks for the explination. I guess I was more curious why you would characterize it as such instead of simply saying, "a more muted and realistic style" or osme such. Why let GW take the credit for your skill as a painter..;)