Wednesday 17 December 2008

Christmas 2008 Project - A Shrine Gaming Board part two

This particular entry shows in greater detail how I work with Blue Foam. I have chosen a set of steps to illustrate my technique.

Photo One - shows the blue foam pieces loosely stacked on top of one another - I use small off-cuts from a 30mm thick sheet, sliced in to 10mm layers and sanded smooth.

Photo Two - shows the sections glued together (with PVA glue) and the first set of carving, which is carried out with a new blade in a Swan Morton scalpel. I have also started to 'round' the edges with a sanding stick. The small holes are where I have used dressmakers pins to hold the foam together while the glue sets. In some construction articles these pins are removed once the glue has set - I leave them in place.

Photo Three - more detailed carving with the scalpel and texture added by pressing the rough or broken edges of a broken roof tile into the foam. You can also run a pencil along the joints.

Photo Four - the finished steps set and glued in place.


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