Thursday, 4 December 2008

Flash Gordon - Harpy Bats

I recently enquired of members of the Lead Adventure Forum if any reader could suggest a suitable miniature that I could use to model Harpy Bats from the Alex Raymond Flash Gordon comic strips to accompany my 40mm Flash Gordon figures.


It was suggested by Rhoderic, that Wyverns from Kallistra Ltd might, with a little re-modelling work. I purchased a set of three ORC FLYERS - code 110 from the Hordes & Heroes 10mm collection and with a small amount of modelling, some brute force (to bend the wings, necks and tails into different poses) and a couple of minutes painting, I had my Harpy Bats.

Each miniature is 45mm long and mounted on a 40mm round base with the clear section from a Games Workshop flying base. A very easy conversion and group of model to add to the Flash collection - thank you Rhoderik.

A colony of Harpy Bats!

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Eli Arndt said...

Love 'em. And even yours bases look good!