Sunday, 1 November 2009

HELLBOY - On-line painting article

Following my first On-line build, an actual time article on modelling and painting an early Grenadier Miniatures Orcus figure, I am starting a second. This set of posts will detail how I modelled and then painted a Graven Images figure - Hellboy.

The miniature is one of three that I purchased off e-bay last month for £2.00, plus P&P. They are 40mm metal figures from the Graven Images range, distributed by Monolith Designs and sculpted by Jim Bowen. To the best of my knowledge these three are part of a larger range which were sold either as individual models or as a set. The range is no longer available due to licencing issues when the film Hellboy and official figures were released.

This photo is the actual e-bay auction illustration and not one of mine.

For this On-line build, I will be basing, painting and finishing the Hellboy figure only, the Abe and Liz figures will follow in future 'how I did it' painting articles.

The Hellboy figure is a two-piece casting and stands just over 43mm tall, it is quite a heavy casting.


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