Monday, 11 July 2011

40mm Skeleton Work-in-Progress part four

With the skeleton painted it was onto finishing the base. The base is painted in the same technique but different colours to my usual Flintloque bases.

Photo One - I have started with a couple of thinned base coats of an acrylic paint from Dulux called Antique Pine.

Photo Two - the same base with a'wash' of Sepia from Games Workshop.

Photo Three - Highlighted with the Antique Pine and some Skull White. Notice how I have added additional washes to the area around the skeletons feet.

Photo Four - The varnished and flocked base. I have varnished the whole figure and base with Ronseal Toughcoat Gloss Varnish then once fully dry two coats of Galleria Acrylic Matt Varnish.

I have used three types of scatter of flock to give a parched effect base which were in turn added over uPVA glue.

Photo Five - A second image of the finished model, this time taken from above and showing the finished base.

Photo Six - A little bit of fun! The emerging skeleton was based on a broken model which I have half buried in Milliput otherwise the models were painted in the same way.

Photo Seven - The finished Warband. Seven 'full' skeletons, one half emerged and two with just arms and weapons breaking through. You can 'click' on any of the images for a better view.

All of the Spartan Games, Myth miniatures came with large round shields but I have decided to equip just three with shields and keep the rest in my 'spares' box.

And now I really must get a band of human Hoplites finished.



BigLee said...

These look excellent. I remember watching Jason and the Argonaughts as a little kid and being terrified of the Children of the Hydra... And now its firmly one of my favorite movies.

Ubique Matt said...

I loved that film as a kid even if it did cause me sleepless nights.

Great figures, they look particularly mouldy! Using just the limbs is a great way of creating a larger unit - clever.


MikaM said...

Nice work and I will try this recipe. A little bit too "clean" for my taste but otherwise splendid brush work.