Friday 15 July 2011

Wargames Soldiers & Strategy issue 55

Issue 55 of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy is featuring a number of Grand Manner Medieval Buildings in the Richard Lloyd article Making movement trays that blend into the tabletop. The masters for these buildings were built by me some time ago and it is great to see such finely painted examples being featured on the pages of this magazine.

The article discusses the merits of these subtle or diorama like movement trays and how to build them. The premise has been written about by a number of modellers and is a modelling project that I have thought about a number of times. In particular to base my Flintloque Dwarves for use with a Slaughterloo derivative that uses whole regiment movement trays and regimental bases to fight The Dwarven Great Sauerkraut War.



Christopher said...

and good to see a revived WSS. Im finding Wargames Illustrated less and less worth reading.

Christopher said...

Is there anywhere in the Birmingham area that sells WSS?s

Tony said...


I bought my copy from WHSmiths in Worcester so I would expect WHS in Brum to have a copy.

If not try Ian Allen, 47 Stephenson Street. Outside of the city centre there in Wayland Games and even Parabellum which may be able to get you a copy.