Friday 8 July 2011

A Dwarf Lager - A terrain building article on Barking Irons

My latest Modelling Masterclass is a 'scratch built' wooden storehouse or Lager. Full details of construction and painting can be found at Barking Irons

These three images show the finished Lager, but there are more (many more) included in the Barking Irons Masterclass The Dwarf Lager - a 28mm Storehouse

I've enjoyed building and painting this and other Modelling Masterclass articles for BIO and as Craig hints at, the next is How to build a Larrey Ambulance for Flintloque. I will include details on this Blog once the article is released. As always, comments are very welcome.


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Paul O'G said...

Great stuff Tony, very inspiring - particularly as I am about to start constructing a Dark Ages style elevated storehouse.

I've linked to you article at my blog here:

Looking forward to more of your great creations!