Friday 21 October 2011

On-Line build for Halloween - part two

With the construction completed, I undercoated the piece with a mix of Chaos Black and Scorched Brown. At this point I was looking to simply drybrush the heavy texture and get on with painting.

However two things.  Firstly I saw a post over on The Lead Adventure Forum showing a group of Pumpkin Headed troops then later when on a visit to Worcester, I picked up some beads to model some miniature pumpkins.

Here you see the the latest modelling, three 28mm scale pumpkins with metal-wire stalks and Milliput leaves.  I have built up the groundwork and roots with left-over Milliput.

Here you can see the three pumpkins nestled down at the base of the root/stalk.

And now - back to painting.  I think adding miniature pumpkins adds to the Halloween Theme as well as reminding readers that the initial idea was inspired by a 'real' pumpkin!


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Jay said...

Very nice 'touch' to your painting of the scene.