Monday 10 October 2011


A bit of a mixed bag with this post as I thought it was about time I commented on current or on-going projects.

During the Summer I have continued to read books, paint models and build terrain.  Most (but not all) have been recorded here.

Personally speaking I do not want to change the style or 'feel' of this Blog as I find producing it very therapeutic.

Having spent a huge amount of time modelling the Sudan Paddle Steamers and Sudan Buildings for Dave at Grand Manner. My order book has been slow.  I am not worried as after building over 50 separate pieces, all modular and inter-changeable - I think I deserve a rest.

Dave and I have another 'Away-Day' booked for this weekend, so I am hopeful that more modelling commissions will come soon.

Flash Gordon;
The increase in posts relating to my 40mm Flash Gordon project has come as a bit of a surprise to me and was not planned.  I recall reading a post on some Blog of a modeller who had set himself the goal of painting 365 figures in 2011.  As my own 'Lead Mountain' is huge, I thought that a slightly smaller goal of one miniature a week would force me to get painting.  So far this has been quite enjoyable and I can see it continuing.

I have been busy building and writing Masterclass Articles for Barking Irons Online.  When Craig asked me to supply a monthly terrain building article I felt that I needed to stock-pile a few so as to give me some breathing space.  Regular readers will know that full details are posted here when the article is published (usually the first week of each month).  I can tell you that there are enough finished articles to run until the New Year plus a couple of 'specials' that should be released very soon.

In addition, I continue to write stories for BIO with White Liar short stories and even a Flintloque themed Novella due out soon.

Over the last six months I have set myself the goal of reducing my 'Lead Mountain' and so further figure modelling and painting posts will continue this year and into 2012.

Space 1889/Aeronef;
Since the announcement of new Space 1889 miniatures and rule books by Frank Chadwick, my interest has waned. I have no immediate plans for more Aeronef's, but this might change.

Moved to the 'back boiler' over the last couple of months, but still a project that I am looking forward to adding too.  Currently there are plans for a Typhon gaming board with themed terrain and more miniatures - but 'don't tell my Wife.'

I have purchased a second-hand Corgi Blake's 7 Liberator model from e-bay with the intention of re-modelling it and mounting it as a gaming piece.  This could lead to yet another new project.

2011 has been busy and I am sure will continue to be busy, but should anyone want me to produce masters for them, please contact me via this Blog.



John Lambshead said...

I can get 4+!!!
Thanks Tony. Have just lunched listening to Rambling Sid Rumpo sing the tale of a young Cordwangler.

Tony said...

Hi John,

You are not the only one who likes listening to Round the Horn. I think I do my best modelmaking and painting giggling along with Kenneth Williams.